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26 april 2017

SingularityU Nijmegen Chapter launched

SingularityU Nijmegen Chapter

After the Innovation Hub in Eindhoven and the Chapters in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, we're now proud to announce that SingularityU will become active in the Health Valley of the Netherlands. Nijmegen is considered to be one of the leading health care cities in the world with the Radboud University Medical Center, Health Valley and the Rockstart Digital Health Accelerator. Nijmegen is also the oldest city of the Netherlands, founded by the Romans to defend the empire from the tribes from the North. It holds a strategic position between the German Ruhrgebiet and the Dutch Randstad area.
The Team
The Nijmegen team, led by Remco Hoogendijk (EP 2017 Alumni), is planning to organize multiple SingularityU events the coming year, all with a mission to reach and impact a million people in the Netherlands. The complete team, including our including our own SingularityU The Netherlands & SingularityU USA faculty member Lucien Engelen, consists of:
Remco Hoogendijk - Innovation Manager at Sint Maartenskliniek
Lucien Engelen - Director REshape Center for Innovation at Radboud University Medical Center
Geert van den Broeck - Founder and Inspirator at Why Not bv
Chris Doomernik - Managing Director at Health Valley Netherlands
Casper Smeets - Program Director Digital Health at Rockstart

The first SingularityU Nijmegen event will be announced soon.

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