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18 mei 2018

Winq genomineerd in de top 12 Dutch Digital Health Challenge

The first winners of the Dutch Digital Health Challenge have been selected! SkinVision and CZ won the insurer category, MS Sherpa and VUmc MS Centrum Amsterdam won the health provider category, Somnox and Auping won the corporate category, and CTcue and Amgen won the health corporate category. They are selected out of 12 nominees who, like Medapp and Radboudumc, deserve a mention for their inspiring collaborations. You can find the list of nominees below. The world’s first health challenge generated lots of health collaboration insights – golden insights that will inspire Dutch health pioneers to take our digital health ecosystem to the next level.


SkinVision and CZ win insurer category

Erik de Heus, CEO of Skinvision says, “CZ and SkinVision entered into a partnership in 2017 to be able to cope with the rapid growth of skin cancer in the coming years, using Artificial Intelligence to be able to find suspicious spots in time. SkinVision makes it possible for people to do checks with their smartphone in the comfort of their own home, which relieves the care system and greatly increases the chances of a timely recognition of skin cancer. With the outcome of the SkinVision analysis, you can be in time with the right doctor for the treatment. 
The role of SkinVision is to be the provider of the technique and to do follow-ups for patients and doctors. CZ provides Skin Vision to a selected group of its customers and supportive doctors.”

MS Sherpa and VUmc MS Centrum Amsterdam win health provider category

“The cooperation between MS sherpa and VUmc is driven by a shared mission: to give people with multiple sclerosis a better future.” says Joost van der Rijt, CEO of MS Sherpa. He continued, “as a worldwide top 5 MS center, VUmc is a pioneer in improving diagnosis and treatment. Together we work on four research tracks and provide people with MS, as well as neurologists, daily insights into the condition of the disease, using validated cognitive and mobility tests on their phone. VUmc will pilot our app to confirm the added value in clinical practice.”

Somnox and Auping win corporate category

Julian Jagtenberg, founder of Somnox, says: “At Somnox we develop soft robotic companions to improve sleep and personal wellbeing. We help people who suffer from stress-related insomnia that want to improve their night’s rest in a natural way. Bringing the world better sleep is at the core of our startup. Our partnership with Royal Auping accelerates our mission due to the years of expertise in sleep and sustainable products. They help us design and manufacture our product in the hopes that we can bring it to market and help the world sleep better. Let’s realize our dreams together!”

CTcue and Amgen win health corporate category

“At CTcue we make the electronic files of patients easily searchable for health professionals and researchers. You can call us the Google of healthcare data.” says Roel Lakmaker, founder CTcue. “As a pharmaceutical partner, Amgen wants to be transformed into a company that develops market-proven and successful treatments by 2022. As part of this transformation, Amgen is exploring IT Solutions in relation to Value Based Healthcare. Our solution perfectly fits this vision and therefore Amgen’s salesforce has helped to introduce us to leading physicians. With this support we’ve grown much faster than we could have ever imagined. We owe Amgen many thanks. A great example of how a health corporate and startup successfully work together!” 

At the end of May, the winners will fly to Spain to take the stage at the HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 conference and do a live demo for over 2,000 healthcare stakeholders. They also take the stage at the ICT & Health World Conference the 22nd of June in The Hague, The Netherlands. All nominees and all other startups that applied will get two free tickets to attend the ICT & Health World Conference.


Our joint vision to make the Netherlands the world’s best digital health ecosystem inspired a lot of startup founders to apply, including two startups that even decided to relocate their businesses to the Netherlands to be able to join. “Finally we’re able to spot the most successful startup-partner collaborations in our country to drive health innovation forward,” said the secretary-general of the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Erik Gerritsen. “We showcase these health pioneers, learn from them, and share their lessons to improve Dutch health. All to contribute to the main goal: to make this country the global hotspot for digital health pioneers. We hope to inspire other countries to adopt this format as well.”

Pascal Lardier, Editorial Director for HIMSS Europe and Health 2.0 Europe: “The digital health industry has reached a turning point: we need to focus less on ‘cool’ technologies and more on real-world implementations. So it’s timely that the Dutch Digital Health Challenge chose to focus and reward successful business models and partnerships. We’re proud to collaborate with Dutch Ministry of Health and Rockstart and showcase the 4 winning solutions in 4 categories at Health 2.0 Europe 2018: solutions for health providers, solutions for payers/insurers, solutions for pharma/MedTech and solutions for corporates. Rewarding successful collaborations rather than cool technologies is probably the best way today to inspire decision-makers and promote a growing number of large scale implementations.”


It’s not just the four winners that have inspiring digital health stories, all 12 nominees show that by building the right partnerships, startups are able to scale faster and better. We’d like to thank all these entrepreneurs and their partners who are committed to improving health in our country.

This challenge is powered by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, HIMSS, Health 2.0, Rockstart and their partners, to showcase the best Dutch digital health startups, support them making deals and inspire others to follow their footsteps.

Cedexis Medical Eyewear and JTV Mondzorg voor kids
Happitech and OLVG
MedApp and Radboudumc
MedicineMen and Bravis Ziekenhuis
PacMed and health providers such as VUmc
Tinybots and Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen
WinQ and AMC VUmc
ZIVVER and GGZ Altrecht

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