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05 juni 2019

New i3B participant: Relitech

Relitech and i3B are both partners of innovation network Health Valley and now Relitech is a co-creating partner for innovative solutions in the network of i3B as well.

Relitech started in 2000 with consulting in the field of measurement technology. By experiencing that many companies where facing the same issues, which resulted in the wheel being reinvented over and over again, our insight changed towards in-house development. In a multidisciplinary environment, issues can be tackled sooner and knowledge is maintained. Nowadays, our employees act as an extension of your R&D department. The team is able to collaborate with different partners and disciplines. Examples being R&D, start-up and established production companies. We work on products that make a difference for users and patients. But also in other ways we want to be of importance to people and take our responsibility.

On the left i3B managing director Henk Gerards and Ivar Donker of Relitech on the right. 

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Jan-Pieter Meijering

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