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04 februari 2019

PNO joins forces with ttopstart

to become Europe’s leading specialist in life sciences and health projects!

ttopstart and PNO have joined forces to become one of Europe’s leading specialists in co-creating innovative life sciences and health projects. The field of life sciences and health is at the forefront of tackling major societal challenges such as an ageing population andrising healthcare costs. With the new combination, we have all the necessary capabilities to play a pivotal role in helping our clients to address these challenges and to further innovate our services to address the unmet needs in the market.

ttopstart is proud to support a large group of clients including Europe’s fastest-growing biotech and MedTech companies, top-10 universities and organisations that drive innovation in health and life sciences. Our health and life sciences professionals will be operating from 6 European hubs; in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. The local presence provides access  at the forefront of the specific markets and allows us to leverage on our positions to provide new opportunities for our clients. “We are driven by the impact that science and technology can have on our health. Impact that can only be realised by smart strategies. In this new constellation, we can develop even smarter strategies.” - Jasper Levink, Director of ttopstart

We are happy to remain a partner with Health Valley, and support health innovators with our business strategy, funding and project management services, to create real impact on healthcare.

For more information visit our website www.ttopstart.com or contact Jan Rademaker at jan@ttopstart.com or Camilla Jensen at camilla@ttopstart.com


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