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26 juni 2020

TechMed Magazine 2020-1

We are living and working in extremely challenging times due to the global COVID-19 crisis. It approached us step by step and overwhelmed our daily functioning like a Tsunami with a tremendous impact on our lives. Nobody could foresee this would happen, when we opened our brand new TechMed Centre in November last year in presence of his Majesty King Willem Alexander.

Recently, we see that regular activities are getting on track again: labs are re-opening, some physical meetings have taken place, and even multiple non Covid-19 related projects have been started. 

It is also clear that this crisis offers opportunities. It is boosting online education, communication and collaboration, reducing environmental impact, stimulating new collaborations and Medical Technology is gaining relevance on the regional and national agenda! So let us look positively towards the future, as our joint efforts to improve healthcare with personalized technology is now more relevant than ever!


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