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22 januari 2020

Access Program


There is a critical crossroad in the life of all startups.  Some make it through this but most don’t. This is the point when a company crosses from startup to scaleup.  

Access, as we call it, is here to empower Dutch startups to become scaleups and reach as far as they possibly can. Access program is built to provide unprecedented support for the most promising scaleups in the Netherlands. Selected scaleups will accelerate their growth domestically and internationally by having easier access to new markets, unique funding opportunities and a direct line to the best talent in NL. For the right scaleups we open up a highly influential network of partners, bring founders together to help overcome challenges and providing international scaling experts and top entrepreneurs to work directly you on your hardest problems.  This is for serious companies only that want to not only change the Netherlands but possibly change the world.


Setting up a startup might seem easier than ever before but successfully growing one to a size that matters is definitely not.

The day to day challenges of running your company can hold back even the best of entrepreneurs from making the right decisions and creating companies that can truly scale.  We believe these issues can be overcome by creating access to relevant networks in the top scaleup ecosystems of the world. We built the access program to fill a gap in the Dutch ecosystem helping to turn successful startups into scaleups.

What does it involve?

Every quarter we bring together a group of 15 highly selected scaleups for 8 insight sessions over a period of 20 weeks. These include:

  • Expert sessions: We break down the hurdles to startup success with experts and top entrepreneurs that have gone through it before. This is where you face hard questions about being ready for real growth.
  • Peer-learning: Share and communicate with other scaleups who understand the challenges that you face at this critical stage. We build a network of top tech founders both from NL and abroad where you can connect one to one or engage the entire group and crowdsource your learning. 
  • Curated investment trips: Unique trips to meet investors in other parts of the world.

Who is the program for?

Serious companies only need to apply.  A startup is eligible for the program if they are technology-driven and Dutch-based. In addition, they need to meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Currently raising or preparing to raise €10M+ with their next round (likely to have been funded €1-5M previously)
  • Or revenue-focused, generating annual revenues of over €1M
  • 10+ FTE
  • Minimum 50% year on year growth
  • A clear understanding of product/service and market you serve

Access adds the most value for companies who:

  • Significantly need to increase their team 
  • Want to expand their markets and rapidly grow internationally
  • Need to attract serious growth capital 


Final approval and selection will be done by an experienced independent selection committee. Approval will be based on the overall value proposition, traction, potential to scale and program fit. Also, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion, and therefore encourage applications from founding teams with a wide array of backgrounds.


  • Apply via the form
  • After approval, you get an invitation to meet the selection committee
  • This year we will approve 40 startups, the next year 60
  • Every quarter we engage 150 founders per batch with our approach
  • There is no cost to the startups (except travel/ accommodation for trips) we do not seek equity


  • Applications open - January 21st
  • Ongoing applications throughout 2020 - until first 40 approved startups approved
  • Meet the selection board 
  • Start program April (Pilot), June and September

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