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22 juli 2019

DIH-HERO Travel Voucher Call

The European Project “Digital Innovation in Healthcare Robotics (DIH-HERO)” opens his first call for the Financial Support for Third Parties (FSTP). 

As of 15th of July 2019, it is possible to apply for a travel voucher for cross-border travelling in order to visit the DIH-HERO brokerage event taking place in the Netherlands in October 2019, to visit a DIH to make use of its services or to visit a DIH-HERO conference or event. During the current travel voucher call 200 travel vouchers are awarded to eligible proposals submitted by legal European entities which are fulfilling the European definition of SMEs in order to reduce barriers and stimulate knowledge exchange within the DIH-HERO network. 

To count as an SME, your organisation must be engaged in an economic activity and must have fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover of no more than €50 million and/or a balance sheet of no more than €43 million. The first 200 submitted proposals considered eligible will be awarded. Please note that the travel vouchers are awarded following the first come first served principle. For more information and the requirements of the call please visit our FSTP Call information and submit your proposal in accordance with the rules and guidelines of this open call. In autumn and winter this year, two more calls are scheduled.

The DIH-HERO financial support consists in three different of open calls that SMEs can apply for.
1. Travel Vouchers (opens July 15th) 
2. Technology Demonstrators (opening is scheduled for October)
3. Technology Transfer experiments (opening is scheduled for December/ January)

About the DIH-HERO network

Our goal is to accelerate innovation in robotics for healthcare. DIH-HERO is an independent platform that creates a sustaining network for all those who are active in the healthcare ecosystem. Our project is funded by the European Community and started in January 2019. DIH-HERO is financially supported until December 2022 with an amount about 16 Mio € of which 8 Mio € will be invested into DIH-HERO own calls for SMEs. Then from January 2023 and further DIH-HERO will stand on its own as sustainable healthcare network. To connect innovators, providers, business, users and politicians DIH-HERO will build an open online portal which will go public in October 2019. This online portal will be offering services to facilitate collaboration on various innovations and sharing best practices to help the industry in efficient product development. 

A special focus will be on supporting small and medium-size enterprises for achieving maximization of impact and reducing time-to-market. By connecting business and healthcare stakeholders DIH-HERO enables them to develop innovative products and services for the healthcare market. DIH-HERO Infodays were held in each Hub to promote the first travel voucher call With great success the 16 Digital innovation hubs of the DIH-HERO core partners invited stakeholders and possible network partners to their DIH-HERO Infodays. Purpose was to inform about the FSTP funding and to increase the networking activities

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