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15 april 2020

ReStartup program for COVID-19 crisis recovery

Today we launch the ‘ReStartup’, program for COVID-19 crisis recovery. dSa and partners collaborate to provide support for the greatest ecosystem pivot ever. The focus of ReStartup will not be on how startups should handle the current effects, but how to prepare for and deal with the consequences such as lower consumer spend, broken supply chains, funding challenges or new codes of conduct in retail and offices. The landscape has changed drastically and all startups are affected one way or another. Many startups need to make adjustments or even full pivots to survive.


Topics covered by the program include government regulations, funding, legal, financial forecasting and change management. The support to startups will be tailored to specific needs and consists of a broad offering, ranging from one-on-one sessions with experts, work sessions with peers to webinars, all focussed on the recovery ahead. dSa members and partners will all collaborate to unlock all knowledge and expertise needed to assist in the greatest ecosystem pivot ever.

Startups in need of help: click here
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“Startups are essential to the innovation power and growth of the economy. Yet they lack financial bandwidth when it comes to getting experts on board to guide them through the unprecedented crisis the world is currently in,” says Thomas Vles, director of dSa, and initiator of the ReStartup program. “The first priority for startups now is survival, but going back to growth is the end goal.”

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