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05 juni 2019

Rockstart Health Program is open for applications

Rockstart Health is LIVE! The fourth edition of our Health program is now open for applications. This years program provides unparalleled access to the healthcare ecosystem, capital, coaching, and investors for entrepreneurs who are looking to change the way things are done in healthcare. 

We bring an all-new program designed to help startups and our health partners. Run in parallel, there is a full-year startup scale program to drive growth and more deals for our selected startups. And an all-new health leadership program to help our health partners collaborate successfully with startups. By supporting both startups and health partners, we aim to multiply our joined impact. Rockstart Health will invest an additional €300k along with other investors after the program.

This year we are looking for startups that fit well together—solving similar problems and thus facing the same challenges. The themes below outline the areas that excite us, but we are also open to a combination of them or new areas that may not be listed here. We are looking to work with startups busy in the following areas: Digital Health, MedTech, Health IT, Platforms/Marketplaces, and Bioinformatics.

Do you know a startup that fits the bill? Please recommend a startup here.

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