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05 juni 2020

Techleap.nl People & Culture Scaleup Guide

When a company is growing fast, culture and most importantly the people are essential to its success. 

This is still an area which we’ve seen lots of tech companies find incredibly challenging. With fragmented information and varying advice, it’s hard to understand what you should and should not be doing to get the best out of your team.

That’s why Techleap.nl built the People and Culture Scaleup Guide, bringing together the brightest minds of the tech ecosystem to create a go-to resource about building a company culture, talent development and more. 

The 1st chapter is on Leadership Fundamentals. Get actionable advice and insights from experts, learn the best practices to help your scaleup accelerate. Read the first chapter here  http://peopleculture.techleap.nl/people-culture-scaleup-guide/home/


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