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17 november 2020, 16.00 - 17.00 uur

Early Clinical Trials: the good, the bad, and the ugly


Early clinical trials are one of the most exciting elements of the drug development life cycle. These trials can literally make or break the product that you have worked on for so many years. It is therefore of vital importance to understand what these trials are about and how they can be optimized to make the most out of this phase, that can be quite costly, especially if you are a small or mid-size biotech company. The webinar will provide you with these insights and to make this even more comprehensive, some good, bad and ugly examples (partly from in-house experience), will be presented.
In this webinar from 3D-PharmXchange you will learn about:

  • The importance of clinical trial phase 1 
  • Strategies to deal with the complexitieis of clinical trials landscape
  • Interesting cases 

Ronald van der Geest, Senior Consultant Clinical Development at 3D-PharmXchange

​Ronald is one of the founders of 3D-PharmXchange. Next to his role as general partner, he holds roles as CDO at Treeway since 2013 and similar roles for a number of biotech companies. He is inventor on a substantial number of patents and an advisor for various strategic development programs in the life sciences and involved in the establishment of a number of early start-up companies. He led the development of Glybera™ for uniQure, the 1st approved genetherapy product and holds strategic knowledge in the areas of translational development, orphan drugs, individualized medicines and biomarker-based development. He currently holds the position of Early Development Project Lead for a top-tier European biotech company. Prior to co-founding 3D-PharmXchange Ronald was COO/CDO at Kinesis Pharma. Prior to that he worked for Tibotec/J&J as Compound Development Leader for Prezista®. 

Ronald is a PhD-level clinical pharmacologist and drug delivery expert by training (Leiden University and UC San Francisco) and started his career in this area at Johnson & Johnson, Belgium.

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