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24 april 2021

Health Hack 2021

virtual event


For a fourth time, the Avicenna: Health Hack will be organized in the Netherlands! Due to the successes of past years the Avicenna: Health Hack committee and MIT Hacking Medicine have joined forces again to ensure you of a first-class event. During the hackathon, hundred participants from different areas of expertise will design and create innovative solutions for health care-related challenges. By combining the expertise of students, patients, health professionals and IT-professionals, this hackathon will stimulate novel ideas that will generate impulses towards healthcare innovation.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to facilitate a real-life event with some online components, where we will take the guidelines of the RIVM into account.

HACKATHON – Despite the fact that a hackathon for ICT-professionals may be a familiar concept, it is still relatively new within the healthcare sector. In a nutshell, a hackathon is an interdisciplinary event where participants from different areas of expertise collaborate in teams to find innovative solutions to healthcare related challenges under expert supervision in the course of a full weekend. During the hackathon, participants aim to develop the best ideas for actual products or prototypes in order to make a big difference for patients as well as healthcare professionals around the globe. The event also offers the opportunity for extensive networking: connecting with people from other areas of expertise can drive surprising collaborations.

THEME – The theme of the third edition of our hackathon in 2020 was ‘Ageing’, a broad and very discussed theme. This third edition of the Avicenna: Health Hack was a great success!

PARTICIPANTS – Every healthcare fanatic is welcome to participate in the hackathon, whether you are an IT-professional, health professional, student, policy maker, entrepreneur, consultant, patient or designer. The price to participate for students was €25 and for professionals €50 in 2020. The price was for the whole event, which included drinks, snacks, 2x lunch and 1x dinner.

PRIZES – At the end of the event, the jury will award prizes to the best teams that will have the chance to further develop their prototype under guidance of experts and can bring their product to the market.

  • 1st prize (2020): Consultancy by FFUND worth €2500.
  • 2nd prize (2020): Consultancy by Vital Innovators worth €1500.
  • 3rd prize (2020): Consultancy by House Of Innovation worth €1000.

PARTNERS & VOLUNTEERS – We are always looking for partnerships and individuals that would like to help organize this event. Interested? Please contact us through the contact-form at the bottom of our webpage.

We see you there!


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