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28 juni 2017

healtheurope Congress 2017

Europe is faced with many challenges to the public health system. Cross-border information sharing of challenges, analysis and progress is of great importance. healtheurope Congress 2017 will focus in some depth upon four particular areas in some depth.


Obesity and undernutrition are both major issues which are having serious impacts upon both population health and the health budget. From infant development to the older population this subject area is having major impacts. This plenary session examines the issues and draws upon examples of progress and cost-saving.

Mental Health

A cursory view of academic literature and national press would lead to the view that care facilities in mental health are in crisis. An ageing population will see more cases of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. The economic crisis following the crash of 2008 has seen increased levels of population stress and anxiety as well as the tightening of care budgets. How can policy affect an improvement in this situation and what steps can be taken to bring the situation under control?

Long-term/Chronic Conditions

Chronic Disease is the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in Europe. Chronic diseases depress life expectancy, earnings potential, educational attainment and population well-being. They have a serious effect upon GDP and also take up an increasing amount of both public and private budgets. Read More

Infectious Disease and Major Infectious Outbreaks

Over the last decades, EU countries have fought infectious diseases with success through treatment and prevention. Rates of infectious diseases have either fallen or remained stable, and the majority of deaths in EU countries are now due to non-infectious diseases such as cancer and heart disease. However, emerging micro-organisms, global movement of people or the next pandemic will impact upon every public health discipline and entire populations. This session examines emerging threats and the state of preparedness.


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