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24 november 2016

i3B Annual Symposium 2016

i3B is proud to announce the 5th annual symposium on Smart Cities and an Active Lifestyle, the 24th of November 2016 in the Netherlands. With a fantastic program with renowned speakers like Ger Baron, C.T.O. of Amsterdam, a panel discussion, product demo’s like Bicycle detection, research posters and last but not least lots of opportunities to network.

For details on the provisional program, speaker profiles, route details, please visit www.i3b.org. Register for the event by sending an email to info@i3b.org. The event capacity is limited, so first come, first serve. 

Akoesticum, Nieuwe Kazernelaan 2 - D42, 6711 JC Ede
Ger Baron
Nico Delleman
Jan Peter Larsen 
Henri Bal
Koen Breedveld
Lucas Noldus 
Lilian Beijer 
Simon Haafs


Nieuwe Kazernelaan 2 - D42
6711 JC Ede

24-11-2016 00:00:00

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