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12 oktober 2021

IMPROVE Programme


Our Discovery Track is coming up soon and there are still some spots left! The Discovery Track focuses on new entrepreneurs who have an innovative idea, but still need to validate their assumptions and ultimately find a problem/solution fit. 

What does the Discovery Track offer?
During the Discovery Track we will help entrepreneurs:

  1. Understand the problem(s) and behaviour of their future customers
  2. Discover & define interesting customer segments
  3. Create a potential business model
  4. Learn how to validate their idea
  5. Learn how to design & build their first prototype. The main focus in this process will be to achieve a problem/solution fit based on their vision and innovative idea.
  6. Learn how to pitch perfectly!

These new entrepreneurs will receive all the tools they need to create a perfect foundation for their startup!

Why join our Discovery Track?
During this track, we will help entrepreneurs build their business by using the proven Lean Startup method. In addition to the (online) workshops, our business coaches are always ready to help. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs will be working in groups of peers who can help gain insight and tackle problems from different perspectives. 

The Discovery Track helps new entrepreneurs to further develop their entrepreneurial competencies and to develop a solid basis for their startup!
Start date: October 12 2021
Duration: 10 weeks

The next edition
Our next Discovery Track starts October 12th, signing up is possible until September 23rd. Want to know more about the track?

Read more and sign up here

Mercator Launch, Nijmegen

wekelijkse workshop op dinsdagmiddag 15:00 - 17:00 (op locatie indien mogelijk), 1-op-1 coaching en persoonlijke Golden Egg omgeving voor de ondernemer


Mercator Launch


12-10-2021 00:00:00

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