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26 mei 2020, 11:00 – 12:30 uur CET

Indo-Dutch innovation during crisis - Data & AI


Data analytics & AI have featured largely in the healthcare industry’s front line of defense against COVID-19. Researchers have leveraged these tools to do everything from tracking hospital capacity to identifying high-risk patients, and many believe that these technologies are critical to preparing for similar situations in the future, be it for surveillance, monitoring or diagnostics. Data & AI will also play a crucial role in areas beyond healthcare, like digital government, neighbourhood economies and smart cities as various organisations navigate the ongoing crisis.

We discuss how policy makers, industry experts and businesses, especially startups have been at the forefront of developing solutions related to COVID-19 crisis. The audience will have a chance to interact with the speakers. By doing so, we learn from each other and provide an opportunity to form strategic Indo-Dutch ties!

We welcome you to become part of our bottom-up community backing creative and entrepreneurial members to play their role as game changers.
Welcome addresses
Gert Heijkoop, Consul General of the Netherlands in Bangalore, India

Country level effects and industry expert opinion
Arnab Kumar, NITI Ayog, New Delhi
AI Expert from The Netherlands (TBC)

Entrepreneurs presentation and Q&A
Geetha Manjunath, CEO and Co-founder at NIRAMAI Health Analytix, India (https://www.niramai.com/)
Florent Geerts, Business Unit Manager, Delft Imaging Systems, The Netherlands (https://www.delft.care/)
Vidur Mahajan, Assoiate Director, Mahajan Imaging, India (http://www.mahajanimaging.com/)
Ajith Sahasranamam, Founder, Ongil, India (https://www.ongil.io/)
Enpicom BV, The Netherlands (https://enpicom.com/)

Aditya Putta, Venture Sourcing Lead, WorldStartup


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