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22 februari 2021, 17.00 - 18.30 uur

Introduction to Healthcare Robotics for healthcare professionals


The webinar is an introduction about robotics and it is adressed to healthcare profeccionals who are intrested in healthcare robotics


Welcome and introduction (Brecht Vermeulen, imec)

On-going development of medical robots  (Kosta Jovanovic, University of Belgrade – School of Electrical Engineering)

The use of robotics in healthcare has seen a recent rise in interest due to their potential use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although intensive development is evident in all medical robotics application areas such as robots supporting healthcare professionals, robots supporting patients, diagnostic robotics, rehabilitation robotics, and interventional robotics, it is clear that robotic technologies helping frontline healthcare professionals are of utmost importance. This presentation provides an overview of medical robotic innovations developed within DIH-HERO project in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why surgeons are embracing surgical robots, and how to train them for surgery in the digital age (Stefano Puliatti, ORSI Academy)

Robotic surgery is rapidly gaining traction, and that’s a good thing. More and more procedures are being performed using the robots, because they are safer and more precise for the patients. However, challenges remain: we need to carefully decide which procedures are most suited, and we need to make sure that the surgeons are continuously trained

Healthcare professionals who have implemented robotics in their hospital (15 min)

How to build a surgical robot in cooperation with hospitals (Zbigniew Nawrat, Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development)

CE-Certification for machines and medical products  (Theo Jacobs, Fraunhofer IPA)

Why CE-certification, medical product vs. machine, the way to a CE mark

Relevant material and online courses about clinical trials and medical devices (Mare Mechelinck, University Hospital Aachen)

Q&A and next steps (Brecht Vermeulen, imec)

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