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03 februari 2021, 13.30 - 15.00 uur

Introduction to Healthcare Robotics for robotics companies


The webinar is an introduction about healthcare robotics and it is adressed to robotics companies who are intrested in healthcare robotics.


Welcome and introduction (Brecht Vermeulen, imec)

Where surgeons should stop and surgical robots should start… and vice versa!  (Stefano Puliatti, ORSI Academy)

Robotic surgery is getting more and more integrated within the hospitals. But why are surgeons (and patients) choosing to use robots? And why will new specialized robots (and software) will still be needed? And how do hospitals and governments look at the economic aspects of robotic surgery?

From Bench to Bedside: The Ups and Downs of Bringing a Joint Replacement Robot to Market (Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena, Hamlyn Centre at Imperial College London)

Orthopaedic surgical robotics systems are now mature, with many successful system and buyouts in recent years. Having helped to manufacture and commercialise the world-first robotic system for unicompartmental knee arthroplasty, the Acrobot, Ferdinando’s talk will shed lights on the opportunities and challenges associated to surgical robotics in the context of his long and tortuous journey of commercialisation.

CE-Certification for machines and medical products  (Theo Jacobs, Fraunhofer IPA)

Why CE-certification, medical product vs. machine, the way to a CE mark

Best practice examples of companies which have implemented their solution in a hospital .

Relevant material and online courses about clinical trials and medical devices (Mare Mechelinck, University Hospital Aachen)

Q&A and next steps (Brecht Vermeulen, imec)

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