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30 september 2021, 13.15-17.30 uur

From Molecule 2 Business: Drug Discovery re-invented!

Hybrid event

The Covid-pandemic has shown that the development of new techniques are important for drug discovery. A good example is the recent development of RNA-based vaccine. But every few years a fundamentally new technique will be on the market to improve discovery and development. In this years edition of the From Molecule to Business event we will discuss the re-invention of drug discovery.

Chair: Christian van Munster (HCM Medical)

Key notes:
Anneke Post (ROCHE); Genomic profiling
Ruud Coumans (Byondis); Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Guided Missiles in the Fight Against Cancer

Novel Techniques

During this round table discussion we will address the importance of new techniques like novel RNA techniques, Nano technologies and CRISPR/Cas. These techniques increasingly allow us to design molecules with a pre-determined function & use instead of time consuming trial & error.
Host: Christian van Munster (HCM Medical).
Confirmed names: Rut Besseling (InProcessLSP), Sander van Asbeck (RIBOPRO) and Rick Wansink (Radboudumc

Novel Technologies

Jos Oomen from HFML/FELIX will explain how with advanced technologies we are able to determine the precise structure of molecular structures of for example biomarkers and how this data can be used to optimise drugs discovery. Venture Challenge winner Fall 2019 BIMINI Biotech (Maurits van den Nieuwboer) will explain their novel approach to limit the growth of cancer cells.
Hybrid event
We expect the RIVM guidelines will allow us to host a physical meeting at Pivot Park in Oss with networking/drinks/snacks afterwards. The event will be streamed online as well.
You can watch the live stream via Zoom at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81524716851?pwd=VVozMXRjTVNXSUdJQVNSWVRQUXB5Zz09 
Passcode: 30092021 (=event date)
Good to know
Presentations are in English & the entrance is free (registration upfront is needed though). We welcome new guests, so please feel free to pass on this invitation to relevant people in your network!

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Pivot Park, Kloosterstraat 9, 5349 AB Oss

Chair: Christian van Munster (HCM Medical)
Key notes: Ruud Coumans (Byondis) and Anneke Post (Roche)


Pivot Park
Kloosterstraat 9
5349 AB Oss

30-9-2021 00:00:00

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