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20 mei 2021

Regulatory requirements for antimicrobial surfaces


Regulatory requirements for antimicrobial surfaces
Pete Askew - Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd. (IMSL) (United Kingdom)

A sol-gel-Coating for permanently antimicrobial surfaces
Dr. Hans-Joachim Weintz - Netwerk Oberfläche NRW (Germany)

Plasma-based antimicrobial coatings
Dr. Ben Dhia Salem - Plasmatreat GmbH. (Germany)

The presentation of Dr. Hans-Joachim Weintz describes the genesis of a highly resistant thin film coating with permanent anti microbial activity, derived from the joined Interreg funded research project "Sustainable Surface and Membranes (S2M)" of Netzwerk Oberfläche NRW e.V. from 2016 to 2018.
Basic idea was to include the biocidal function into the polymer as an intrinsic property. 2 different ways were pursued in the project. One of them leading to the subject of this presentation combined the benefits of a sol-gel hybrid thin film coating with the intelligence and findings of the development of medical devices like stents leading to bio-repulsive coating surfaces which can be used as base for anti-adhesive marine coatings as well as antibacterial and antiviral coatings – a highly actual topic!

Within Webinar No. 2, an introduction of plasma assisted modifications of surfaces and plasma thin film deposition will be presented as potential strategies to provide antibacterial and/or antifouling properties to different substrates such as glass, metals or even polymers. Different combinations of coatings have been considered in order to be as efficient as possible overtime by providing inner catalytic properties to the plasma deposited layer that should enable the antimicrobial properties to be regenerated using external stimuli such as thermal energy, mechanical energy or light radiation energy.In this session, Plasmatreat will present the latest results obtained within AutoProtect project and focused on the deposition of Anti-microbial coatings using



Pete Askew


About Dr. Hans-Joachim Weintz 

Born in 1957; Study of chemistry at the Univ. Kaiserslautern; Diploma and doctorate at the MPI für Kohlenforschung in Mülheim an der Ruhr; Post-Doc stay as a Humboldt Fellow in the working group of Prof. Noyori, Univ. Nagoya, Japan (Noble Price winner in 2001).
Joined BASF AG with positions: Central Polymer Research, Assistant to the Executive Board, Head of R&D Center Coatings South America, Head of Development Industrial Coatings Technologies, BASF Coatings EU; after 14 years change to a large medium-sized company in the coating industry, where he was director of R&D and innovation management for almost 20 years. Self-employed since 2020. At the same time, he was a founding member of the Netzwerk Oberfläche NRW (today chairman) and co-founder of the company itCoating GmbH.

About Dr. Dhia Ben Salem

Dhia Ben Salem, is a PhD in Plasma chemistry (Sorbonne University + Chemical engineering school in Paris, France). With more than five years of experience as research team leader at Plasmatreat, he has given great contribution to plasma thin film deposition and characterization of functional coatings. His most recent research work focused on adhesion promotion, anti-corrosion and superhydrophilic plasma deposited coatings for industrial applications. Another field of interest is focus on the development of innovative coatings that could provide new properties to the surface such as hydrophobic, photocatalytic or antibacterial properties that are considered most promising as they do not alter the bulk integrity and th

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