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04 februari 2020, 12.00 - 18.00 hrs

Rockstart Health Innovation Day

Rockstart organiseert Rockstart Zorg Innovatie dag voor innovatie managers en consultants op 4 februari aanstaande! Tijdens deze middag pitchen 15 startups die dit jaar en voorgaande jaren in het Rockstart Health programma hebben gezeten. Na de pitches kan worden deelgenomen aan rondetafelgesprekken met de startup en is er ook ruimte om een-op-een met de startups te praten.
We would like to invite you to our Rockstart Health Innovation Day on the 4th of February. We are organizing this event to introduce the Rockstart startups to the Dutch community of innovators in healthcare. 
Intelligent Observation
Intelligent Observation is a Miami based company that has developed a unique hand hygiene tracking and alert system that reduces healthcare acquired infections in hospitals. 
Intelligent Observation has developed a proprietary technology platform that is validated to be more accurate, detailed and scalable than anything ever offered in an effort to solve these infections. Among the first customers for its solution Intelligent Observation includes Johns Hopkins, the thought leaders in infection control worldwide.
FIMO is a data driven solution to improve the quality of life for people suffering from fatigue. Measurements of relevant data within everyday life through an app and a device combined with machine learning make symptoms better understandable and predictable. Also the fatigue gets visible and therapies can be improved.
Pera Labs 
Pera Labs is a digital health company that uses microfluidic chip technology and artificial intelligence to help fertility clinics reduce their 70% treatment failure rate. With 50 million affected couples annually, we streamline couples’ fertility assessment process and enable clinics to make better treatment decisions — a $30 Billion market every year. We have recently developed a next generation sperm analyzer called Sperman, to use in the fertility clinics. Unlike others, Sperman not only detects, but also selects the healthiest sperm to use in fertilization. Moreover, Sperman is the first and only device that can analyze father’s DNA quality in sperm non-invasively. 
BrainTrip has developed, scientifically tested, and validated an electroencephalogram (EEG) based algorithm for the reliable detection of mental impairment. Such impairment can be the result of early- stage dementia. Our algorithm is paired with a third party EEG and used in elderly care facilities as a screening tool for dementia. Medical dementia workups are expensive and invasive, therefore having a screening tool to determine whether such procedures are worthwhile is of great benefit to patients and physicians. Our method works best for people over 60, when the risk for early dementia starts to steeply rise. The test can be applied in a matter of minutes and is completely non-invasive: no needles, chemicals, or radiation exposure. After the test, the client is told that their results show no cognitive impairment, or, if this is not the case, they are advised to seek further diagnostic tests with their physician.
PACT care
Pact Care offers a data exchange platform that allows healthcare organizations to reduce the costs of aggregating real-world patient generated data from remote sources (e.g. connected devices, sensors and electronic surveys) while ensuring its untampered data provenance. Their unique differentiation: - no intermediaries (aka Trusted Third Parties between “data source” and “data consumption” (faster and cheaper data exchange) - Patient centric - patients are always in control over their data (consent management and log of access) here).
mediTective was formed to develop solutions for the medical world based on three complementing technologies. Image Analysis, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Their flagship product "Sherlock" (currently in clinical trials) is a platform that helps physicians automatically detect polyps during Colonoscopies.
Cardiomo is a continuous real-time medical-grade cardiac monitor with AI engine that can help prevent life threatening events by early alerts for medical attention and ensuring better health through preventive care. The solution enables remote patient monitoring and provides real-time continuous cardiac monitoring, which is used for both preventive care and to reduce hospital admissions and readmissions.
Respo Gadgets
Respo Gadgets is developing an innovative, comfortable and smart oral appliance called "Dormio" (@getdormio) , to be used in the treatment of mild to moderate level obstructive sleep apnea treatment and snoring.
RiboPro (previously Mercurna)
RiboPro is a service provider, producing high-quality, high-potency RNA products, which are used as powerful research tools and therapeutics. RiboPro offers both off-the-shelf and custom RNA products at competitive rates and turn-around times, effectively removing all barriers to successful use of RNA in the research and development of their customers.
Skinive AI Skincare Assistant is an intelligent cloud service using AI medical image analysis (SNS), for segmenting the right areas, predicting pathologies and risk assessment. The neural network analyzes similar symptoms with a growing database of thousands of images of different skin conditions. The recommender system is based on the results of a predictive model of a convolutional neural network to search for the similarity of features.
Deepdee is working on machine diagnostics of eye diseases by processing photos of the eye fundus with AI/ML algorithms. 
Cedexis Medical Eyewear is developing and implementing high-end video glasses and pairing them with customer-specific content platforms and intuitive media players.
Umotion has built a medtech walker to help patients with Parkinson’s continue to walk independently for longer. Since 2017, Umotion’s walker is eligible for reimbursement by the insurers in the Netherlands. 
InstantCare is a monitoring system for continence pads in care homes, hospitals, and for use at home. 
Taktify provides services in a situation where there is no GPS coordination between patient and nurse, no services for a disabled who can not move or talk and there is a significant fare seeking or dead time.
Novio Tech Campus, gebouw A, Transistorweg 7, 6534 AT Nijmegen
12:00 Doors open & Lunch
13:00 Introduction by Health Program Director, Tonko Wedda
13:10 Presentation by Nino Bellenge, CEO at MedScaler
13:40 Pitches by 15 Rockstart startups
15.00 Break
15.15 Roundtable sessions with the startups
16.15 Break
16.30 Speed meetings round 1
16.45 Speed meetings round 2
17:00 Networking
18:00 End


Novio Tech Campus, gebouw A
Transistorweg 7
6534 AT Nijmegen

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