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18 juni 2019, 13:30 - 16:30 uur

Value Proposition Canvas

Briskr Academy workshop

Mastering Value Propositions

A workshop from our own Briskr Business Developers who will teach you how to better understand customers, and create value propositions that sell ! You’ll apply it immediately!

Do you know your customers? – Define your Customer Segments
Do you know your (multiple) customer segments? Are you aware of the activities your customers do & the pains and gains they experience? We will guide you through the process of identifying these crucial insights.

Can you clearly explain your value? Build your Value Proposition
Step 2 of the Value Proposition Canvas is mapping your products, services and potential solutions on how to solve your customers pains and increase their gains. We’ll help you distil your idea into possible values that create value for your customers and are ready to move forward.

Why would customers care about your idea? – Check for Fit
Believe it or not, building something nobody wants is the number one cause of death for businesses. We’ll show you how to critically assess how your idea creates true value for customers. You may be shocked during this phase by how many gaps you'll find in your value proposition!

Don’t let the fear of failure weigh you down. With the practical exercises during this Briskr workshop you’ll be ready to go from idea to reality.

For more information: please view this video from Strategyzer

We finish off with drinks & bites. The workshop is free of charge and facilitated in English. Please register upfront! 

Novio Tech Campus, SMB Meet&Greet, gebouw M, Transistorweg 5, 6534 AT Nijmegen


Novio Tech Campus, SMB Meet&Greet, gebouw M
Transistorweg 5
6534 AT Nijmegen

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