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17 mei 2021 - 21 mei 2021

VR4REHAB-Covid Rehab Hackathon

online event

The Covid-19 pandemic that struck the world last year is still spreading rapidly across the globe, putting a strain on health care systems. The pandemic has also left many with persistent and debilitating long-term symptoms commonly referred to as . It occurs in 10% of people infected and presents as a wide spectrum of fluctuating or episodic signs and symptoms. The project has created a network in which rehabilitation specialists engage with state-of-the-art XR technology to answer the rehabilitation needs of patients and their therapists. The current grant extends the previous work of VR4REHAB and will focus on innovative VR solutions for Covid-19 By using virtual and augmented reality combined with gamification in rehabilitation, our aim is to contribute to the future of the healthcare system. We are convinced that further development of XR will be groundbreaking, as continuous innovation of techniques results in more easily accessible and attractive solutions.

The VR4REHAB consortium consists of Sint Maartenskliniek (the Netherlands), European Association of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (EUROVR) (Belgium), St. Mauritius Therapieklinik (Germany), Teesside University (UK), Université de Lille 1 - Sciences et Technologies (France), Games for Health (the Netherlands), In4Care (Belgium) and University College Cork (Republic of Ireland).

Hackathon 2021

VR4REHAB organizes an audition process that will see some of Europe's best developers compete to create products that use XR technology to help rehabilitate people who have suffered from "Long COVID".

The "hackathon" will be a digital event, from 17 to 21 May 2021, bringing together XR technology developers with clinical experts, academics, researchers from the various partners, and Covid-19 patients.

Developers will present ideas for XR technology solutions, which will help address problems arising from post-covid rehabilitation. Those with the best ideas will be invited to develop the prototypes and present their solutions to a jury of experts in a series of "Dev Jams". During the period from July to September, the 3 winning teams will be able to elaborate on their initial ideas and develop them into working and tested prototypes. The teams will be supported by our experts and will have access to funding, research and business experience.

Registration Criteria

We accept teams of up to 5 people. We also invite individuals to apply, VR4REHAB will try to find them a team through a matchmaking process. The deadline for registration is 12th May 2021. Our dream team would have all below competencies, which are shown in order of importance.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Medical knowledge Covid-19
  • Research
  • Project management skills
  • Knowledge of the medical market
  • Technical knowledge of VR ((interaction) design and software development)
  • Understanding of VR platforms
  • Logistics knowledge (distribution and collection of glasses and cleaning, etc.)
  • Experience with communication platforms (Miro Board f.i.)


  • Monday 17 May: What do people with Long Covid need? Identifying the problem
  • Tuesday 18 May: Research & development ideas: how to evaluate feasibility and benefit; and advice on technological development
  • Wednesday 19 May: Business development
  • Thursday 20 May: Pitch training & implementation in the clinic
  • Friday 21 May: Pitches to the jury. Jury decision

Throughout the week Games for Health provides a Coaching Hotline. 

Visit the dedicated website for registration and further information www.vr4rehab.org/covid-rehab



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