An elderly lady walks into the doctor's office, complaining that she has been forgetful lately. Her family has been pointing out for more than a year that she has been forgetting important dates. She has no recollection of having ever been invited to her grandson's birthday party but her son is insistent that he discussed the party several times with her.


The doctor's listens to the lady's story and suspects what might the cause for her faulty memory - Alzheimer's disease. It is a dreadful, incurrable ilness that rots away the mind and is the biggest cause of dementia among the elderly. Alzheimer's disease afflicts more than 50 million people worldwide and the number is rapidly growing due to the aging population.


Unfortunately, the doctor as a general practitioner cannot do anything to help. He can only relay his suspicion by referring the patient to a neurologist, who then performs invasive tests or has to wait for the symptoms to deteriorate further before making a diagnosis. Here BrainTrip Health can help - we offer a non-invasive, fast, and easy-to-use tool for physicians to speed up dementia diagnosis.


BrainTrip is the brainchild of lifelong brain enthusiasts, with backgrounds in cognitive science, neuroscience, and medicine. We teamed up with electrical engineers, designers and medical experts to create an affordable, easy to use, and mobile EEG (electroencephalogram) – the BrainTrip AWE. It is a device that lets users monitor the electrical activity of their brains and get valuable insight into how their minds work. While our initial device models are meant for the mass market, BrainTrip Health takes this ambition further.


We partnered with medical institutions to create a state-of-the-art algorithm for early dementia screening based on EEG because current diagnostic methods have severe drawbacks. They are either extremely expensive (brain imaging), very invasive (CSF analysis), or take years to deliver conclusive results (clinical observation). We have developed an EEG-based algorithm that performs as good or better as CSF analysis but it is completely non-invasive. Becase the device is portable and affordable, it can be used in low- and middle-income countries. There, dementia patients get limited or no support from the healthcare system, and there is no wide-scale screening, which is essential for effective disease management.


We have been developing and testing the core of BrainTrip Health for several years - it is called the EEG Dementia Index (EDI). The EDI is an algorithm that processes data collected by our custom-developed 16-channel EEG. The EEG and the EDI form "the whole package" for early dementia detection and bring the IoT pshilosophy into medical practice. We also wish to empower general and family practitioners by providing them with a tool that makes it easier for them to decide which patients they should refer to a neurologist. 


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