Temperature monitoring to provide proof of product quality and integrity

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Dyzle offers IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and business intelligence expertise to industries like the pharmaceutical and food sectors, where they need to ensure the safety of their medicines and food to keep their customers alive and well. Dyzle does this by helping big pharma and food companies and their logistics services providers unlock the value of the IoT and big data in their supply chains in a compliant way, and delivering proof of product integrity. In addition to ensuring customer safety, Dyzle also helps these companies protect the value of their temperature-sensitive products being delivered to customers around the world, supporting their need to conform to industry and regulatory guidelines like GDP (pharma) and HACCP (food).

One of the development areas of Dyzle is personalized medicines and the last-mile to the patient. The logistics of getting expensive medicines at the patient’s bed and the return of blood samples is complex. However every step needs to be monitored to ensure that the drug will work and that the insurance will pay for the cure. Dyzle believes that IoT solutions in the last part of the medical supply chain can ensures the quality of the medicines and will increase medication adherence in a cost effective manner.


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