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Problem: The difficulty to acquire people's health parameters and to make this information useful to drive behavior change makes health prevention programs expensive and inefficient for healthcare providers, health insurances, fitness industry and government.

Solution: "Less is more!"​ We start to focus on one medical parameter that has a scientific correlation with healthcare costs and is very important for fitness industry; weight. Our solution is an improved and numberless weight management tool that inspires 35% more people to frequently monitor their weight and their health. Our reports allow companies and healthcare providers to reduce their costs with health prevention programs, and also offers marketing opportunities to the fitness industry.

Our solution integrates:

  • A Numberless IoT scale for Large Traffic Areas that simplifies the weight measurement and establishes a communication with our user
  • We are developing a connection with Bluetooth bathroom scales.
  • A cloud computer application (mobile APP) helps our users to track their weight trend, as well as offers fitness providers, services, and products. A website where companies can access our real-time reports. Different from competitors, our tool reveals the behavior change of some population two weeks in advance, therefore we offer useful data to the decision-making process in health prevention that also effectively calculate ROI of this programs.

Different from the inaccurate "smart"​ scales in the market, our solution analyses our natural weight oscillation to reveal the future weight trend. Our A.I. learns the larger of the two main contents of energy consumption (water) and eliminates this ‘noise’ of water oscillation to provide users with their clear weight loss trend two weeks in the future. Our tool is cheaper and easy to use compared to our competitors. We have our first client and running another three trials.

We are now looking for investments, it is time to grow!


Bedrijfsnaam: Easy Way to Health
Website: https://www.easywaytohealth.com
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Bezoekadres: Transistorweg 7B, 6534 AT, Nijmegen, Nederland
Postadres: Transistorweg 7B, 6534 AT, Nijmegen
KvK: EW2H01


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