ELCIES is an intelligent Data Platform and Bot for Health, Sport and Wellness Companies.

ELCIES is a bridge and facilitator between Wellness providers (fitness gurus, dietitian, GPs, health experts, Healthy Food Advocates,...etc.) and each individual user!
ELCIES helps you to personalize your fitness, health and lifestyle services -including building your own intervention and prevention campaigns based on health and physical activity DATA (Steps, Calorie consumption, Weight, Age, Sex, Heart rate, Sleep quality, blood pressure, glucose level etc.)

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

Each wearable health and Lifestyle device has its own “APP” and “CLOUD” environment which is not suitable for multi-account management. Consequently, Health, Sport and Wellness providers are disconnected from their users. Given, each client wear and use different devices, it makes it hard to organise and personalise their services throughout an affordable platform.

ELCIES is such platform which is on its way to make it a reality to promote, support and rewards healthy lifestyle and its Supply & Demand model based on real time Physical activity and health conditions.

ELCIES acts as an intelligent bridge.

Healthy and Active Lifestyle needs more than just Suggestion and Recommendation. It needs a platform and eco-system to fill the gap between health-conscious consumers and healthy suppliers! ELCIES is an intelligent platform and Bot for distributing relevant content (Offers, Advice, Tips, Training, Videos, Rewards, and public awareness campaigns) based on your ``Activity`` and ``Health`` Data.

ELCIES gives service providers a “Personalization-POWER” based on each person’s unique Needs, Circumstances and Condition. 


ELCIES is connected to a wide variety of devices.

ELCIES connected to more than dozens Sport and Health devices, from Activity-trackers to Blood-pressure and Glucose monitoring devices. ELCIES is proud to be an open platform and not limited to only one or two wearable brands.


Bedrijfsnaam: ELCIES
Website: www.elcies.com
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Specialisatie: ICT
Bezoekadres: Rotterdamseweg 183c, 2629 HD, Delft, Netherlands
Postadres: Rotterdamseweg 183c, 2629 HD, Delft, Netherlands
KvK: 17064012

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