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We are a data driven solution to improve the quality of life for people suffering from fatigue. Measurements of relevant data within everyday life through an app and a device combined with machine learning make symptoms better understandable and predictable. Also the fatigue gets visible and therapies can be improved.

Fimo_.pngQuick overview
See your current exhaustion level and what parameters are the most crucial

Share your data
It's just one click to share the data with your doctor or your friends and family

Connect with others
Become part of our community and see how others handle everyday situations - no matter if you suffer from cancer, MS or ME/CFS

List all parameters
Get more information about all relevant measured parameters that affect your fatigue

Get tips from our chatbot
More information on the parameters you can get from our chatbot. It will also give you tips to manage your fatigue

Connect your wearable
To get more accurate and personal insights, connect your wearable.



Bedrijfsnaam: Fimohealth UG
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Specialisatie: Diagnostica, eHealth, Medical devices, Research & Development
Bezoekadres: Transistorweg 7S, 6534 AT, Nijmegen, Nederland
Postadres: Transistorweg 7S, 6534AT, Nijmegen, Nederland
KvK: 00000005


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