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We created the Health-Thing application because we truly believe people should spend less time learning from each other on how to improve their personal well-being. 

Too many are searching for too long while we have all the (technical) tools at hand to bring experiences together and translate them into insights. Insights should be availed to users that could actually benefit from these. They apply them into their own journey. Inspired by others, without the endless search for the interventions that helped others just like them.  

The Health-Thing application supports exactly that purpose. Users share their experiences in ways that match the audience's profile and needs, and allow us to analyse and translate these into valuable insights. Our research, that we continue endlessly, resulted in more valuable insights. Through setting goals one feels more responsible and accountable for their own wellbeing journey. Working together and learning from each other for a better wellbeing makes them feel recognized and connected. 

Personal experiences of our founder led to founding Health-thing. We are intrinsically driven to reach our goal - connect 10 million people across the globe for a better wellbeing.

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Bedrijfsnaam: Health-Thing
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Specialisatie: eHealth
Bezoekadres: Oranjeboomstraat 198, 4812 EM, Breda, Nederland
Postadres: Oranjeboomstraat 198, 4812 EM, Breda, Nederland
KvK: 76550761


Publicatiedatum: juni 22, 2021

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