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Healthcare Specialists
Our experience in Marketing & Sales, Business Development, HR, Logistic and IP-Management, covers your expectations and leads you to new markets.

Direct access to your Customers
With our network to scientific institutions, university hospitals, manufacturing companies and further specialists, we generate revenue for your company.

With our longstanding respect with decision makers your product development and sales time will shorten rapidly.

One-Stop Partner for your Business
Broad and deep specialist experiences to accelerate your business as your trustful one-stop partner.


Market entry
When technology and knowledge become a commodity, the ability to come up with a customer centered design that generates sustainable partnership, is more likely to add value.

Belt and Road
More than 60 countries participate and more than 200 enterprises have already signed contracts alongside this road. Be also present and profit from our network alongside the Belt and Road Initiative!

Sure Market Access
For big challenges you need experienced experts: Healthtechtransfer. We know about your requirements. Every source of error from ip-management via marketing and sales campaigns to supply chain has to be avoided and treated as a risk.


Marketing & Sales Specialists
We can lead you to the handshake with your customers directly and know what they need to accept you as a trustful and sustainable service partner. From direct approach, the use of social media, data analytics and beyond: Marketing & Sales is completely customer centered.

Outstanding Technologies
Together with our partner in Hong Kong, MediConcepts, we can provide medical device product design and development. Together with their design and development team we will assist in bringing your product to market, pay particular attention to design efficiencies at the right price and by the deadline.

Interactive Campaigns
VR, AI, Customer journey, experience. Traditional marketing & sales activities are going to transform to social media campaigns and interactive product presentations. We support you throughout the entire process.


3D Interaction Technology
The virtual 3D models of our partner 3D Interaction technology, convey a lifelike impression of how a product is composed and used. The 3D object and its parts can be explored by rotating, zooming or starting selected activities. Doing so, the user develops a profound understanding of the product, its functions and the technology behind it.

Interactive Walkthrough
Interactive 3D walkthroughs allow the user to navigate a scene and collect relevant information. Hence, walkthroughs are a great tool for visualizing interiors or surroundings, allowing to view and evaluate planned facilities even before they are built and opened. This is applicable to virtual audits, training solutions or location-based services.

Product Development
Selling tailorable products is a challenge. Thus, we help presenting custom variations in an engaging, realistic 3D environment. This way, users configure their desired product version themselves. Upon request, our application can be integrated into the existing shop back-end or production system.


In a world of data we release our customers from all time-consuming administration and personnel tasks. We use HR-analytics to optimize the recruiting process, store data in personnel files and manage the onboarding process.

Focus on performance
We are familiar with the HR-market and know the requirements of both sides: From companies and from candidates. With our experience we generate value for your business!

We make suggestions and can say what you need to do, to get the best candidates. We establish the rules for your success. We deliver solutions so that you can have best performance with your team.


Bedrijfsnaam: Healthtechtransfer
Website: www.healthtechtransfer.com
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Specialisatie: Biotechnologie, Business development, eHealth, Marketing & communicatie advies, Medical devices, Research & Development, Consultancy
Bezoekadres: Hagenower Straße 73, 19061, Schwerin, Germany
Postadres: Hagenower Straße 73, 19061, Schwerin, Germany
KvK: 166871376

Making the difference by unlocking new value

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