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Early stage investments are driving innovation and economic growth. Particularly the phase after the prototype development and testing of initial customer interest, the scale up phase, is for young entrepreneurs one of the most challenging phases for their new venture. First, since the number of startups is rapidly increasing, it becomes challenging to stand out in the mass requests for scale up funding. Second, finding financial support is not sufficient. Smart funding, i.e. Business Angels who provide strategic value in addition to their financial support, increases the chances of success for your venture.

For the investor, the scale up phase, mean investing in growth and innovation which signify risk taking behavior. Structured and solid analysis will increase investors’ understanding of the venture’s growth potential and main risks. Subsequently the risks can be managed with the right approach and skills.

matchingWINGS provides support to young ventures and investors in the scale up phase. matchingWINGS tooling uses a structured, science-based assessment framework to better understand any potential risks in transforming the young venture into a high-growth firm. Suggestions for remedies to overcome identified risks, e.g. matching with strategic Business Angels, will increase the chances of success both for the young venture and the investors. That is the true value of matchingWINGS.

Benefits to the venture

  • Check of the completeness of the investment request
  • Additional market data validating your business plan & business case
  • Suggestions for scale up roadmap
  • Rating on key predictors for scale up success; applying science-based evaluation framework
  • Determine for Business Angel investment readiness
  • Access to strategic Business Angels (smart funding)

Benefits to the investor

  • Not missing ventures with high potential for successful scale-up
  • Save time & effort in screening by recognizing early ventures with poor or average ratings
  • Professional screening applying science-based evaluation framework
  • Structured and solid evaluation of business plan & business case
  • Validation of business plan with data from external and independent sources
  • Remedies for possible weaknesses to be implemented before actual investment


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