Oh My Mood

We create mental health care pathways that are: 

Blended. Holistic. Multilingual. Multidisciplinary. Evidence Based. 

We are a mental health interventions provider. Oh My Mood creates care pathways in which face-to-face mental health therapies are supported by digital solutions. We do this to improve quality of care and to make mental health therapy scalable and more efficient. This benefits clinicians and their service users. We call this blended care.

We work with service users, clinicians, universities and digital health platforms from all over the world to make evidence-based blended care pathways available to large audiences of therapists and service users.

We take a pragmatic, no-nonsense but professional attitude towards the co-creation of healthcare programmes that make a real difference.

Our Vision
We envisage a world in which health is accessible to all via a healthcare system that makes abundant use of the opportunities the Internet and digital technology have to offer. An integrated, holistic healthcare strategy connects stakeholders horizontally (cross-sectoral collaboration) and vertically (within the service user’s care pathway) so that eHealth can be made available and personalised to each individual service user.

Our objectives

Lifting healthcare beyond its conventional boundaries
We are committed to making eHealth a natural part of the healthcare system so service users can easily access health services, wherever and whenever they need. eHealth creates opportunities for the delivery of personalised and non-stigmatising healthcare services, in which relatives and a person’s wider support network  can also play their part.

Improving quality of care
We promote eHealth as a means to improve the quality of healthcare by giving professionals and patients easy access to evidence-based care pathways and lifestyle programmes. At the same time, professionals and service users can exchange formal and informal information that can contribute to improved quality of care overall.

Making healthcare available for all
We are motivated by outcomes that matter and are affordable. We evaluate our programmes to achieve the best and cost-effective health results. eHealth can improve communication amongst professionals and service users, and because of its scaleability, eHealth contributes to effective and high quality-care.


Bedrijfsnaam: Oh My Mood
Website: www.ohmymood.com
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Specialisatie: Research & Development
Bezoekadres: Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 48c, 1052 KC, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Postadres: Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 48c, 1052 KC, Amsterdam, Netherlands
KvK: 11079647


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