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Pillo Games

Games and interactive media are widely accessible to the general public. But still not everyone is able to enjoy the commonly available game consoles, as these game controllers are difficult to handle and its interactions very complex. We believe that everyone – young and old, able and less able, healthy and ill – should be able to enjoy playing games together. Our challenge is therefore to develop game controllers that everyone can grasp. And to provide games wherein people truly share a social and playful experience.

Our games challenge players to combine their efforts in a real and sensible way. Pillo, the cushion game controller, is the first in its kind to serve even the most challenged people with an opportunity to play and have fun together.

Pillo can be played by everyone and with everyone.


Bedrijfsnaam: Pillo Games
Website: http://pillogames.com
E-mail: ard@pillogames.com
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Bezoekadres: Hurksestraat 26, 5652 AL Eindhoven
Postadres: Hurksestraat 26, 5652 AL Eindhoven
KvK: 66977711



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