Optical biopsy for cancer diagnostics
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Scinvivo enables optical biopsies for bladder cancer diagnostics.

Current imaging techniques for bladder cancer have their limitations, as they only enable the urologist to visualise the bladder wall surface. In 30% of the cases, healthy tissue is incorrectly classified as cancerous. Another limitation is that it is difficult to fully remove a tumor during a surgical procedure, as the borders of the tumor are difficult to visualize. The last limitation is that it is impossible to determine the invasion depth of the tumor with current imaging technologies, while the invasion depth has major impact on the proposed treatment. All these limitation lead to unnecessary, invasive, and costly interventions.

Scinvivo's technology enables the urologist to improve diagnosis, and thus decreasing the amount of interventions, patient burden, and costs.


Bedrijfsnaam: Scinvivo BV
Website: http://www.scinvivo.com/
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Specialisatie: Medical devices
Bezoekadres: Paasheuvelweg 25, wing 5C, 1105 BP, Amsterdam, Nederland
Postadres: Paasheuvelweg 25, wing 5C, 1105 BP, Amsterdam, Nederland
KvK: 66971098


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