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The eNose Company

Starting as an IT-company, we have developed proprietary technology for manufacturing electronic noses for dedicated high-volume applications.

Using fairly standard electronic components, small and robust devices can be produced at low costs.

Once developed, a calibration model can be easily transferred to an unlimited number of electronic noses. For the first time, this enables high-volume applications of electronic noses.

Replacing current invasive tools, the electronic nose (eNose) opens-up new, non-invasive diagnostic opportunities, easing patients’ lives, and supporting physicians in faster, diagnostic decisions.


Bedrijfsnaam: The eNose Company
Website: http://www.eNose.nl
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Specialisatie: eHealth, Medical devices
Bezoekadres: Industrieweg 85, 7202 CA, Zutphen, Nederland
Postadres: Industrieweg 85, 7202 CA, Zutphen, Nederland
KvK: 57490716


Publicatiedatum: januari 12, 2021

Jaarmagazine Health Valley 2020

Publicatiedatum: mei 27, 2020

E-Nose analyseert adem en 'ruikt' darmkanker

Publicatiedatum: september 07, 2019

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Making the difference by unlocking new value

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