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VanPaz is a Dutch SME founded by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs with complementary expertise: Jan Geert van Hall, an experienced business developer with a track record as group controller in KPN first and CFO of a ICT holding later, and Giovanni Pazienza, a PhD researcher with a long international experience in academia and technology transfer.

The mission of the VanPaz is to contribute to the advancement of ICT with societal impact especially for frail people: the elderly, children with special needs, and chronic patients. It aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge R&D and market by mentoring promising researchers on the business aspects of their work as well as searching for funding sources for their businesses.

The company offers its expertise on public/private funding (within and beyond H2020) to international consortia. Also, it provides business and technology consultancy to SMEs and start-ups, in which it may participate as shareholder. Finally, it carries out its own research and development agenda in collaboration with numerous academic and industrial partners.

Invent. Invest. Innovate.

VanPaz bridges research and market: we make sure that ideas become a sound technology and that the technology becomes a product. A successful one. 

The synergy between R&D and Business is our strength. Too many promising SMEs fail to succeed because they cannot find within themselves the necessary expertise to grow. We are there to help you in out, finding the appropriate sources of public/private funding, manage the operations and the finances, assist you in your growth plans.


Bedrijfsnaam: VanPaz BV
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Specialisatie: Business development, Consulting, ICT, Research & Development
Bezoekadres: Strobloem 21, 2317 LD Leiden
Postadres: Strobloem 21, 2317 LD Leiden
KvK: 65859022



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