Xenikos is developing a combination of two toxin-loaded anti-T-cell antibodies, T-Guard™, as a therapeutic tool for resetting the body’s immune system in T-cell mediated diseases. Once injected in the body, T-Guard specifically identifies and eliminates adult T cells, with a strong preference for the activated ones (the ‘trouble makers’).

Following a one-week therapy, T-Guard is then swiftly washed out of the body, and the T cel compartment will be rapidly restored with newly formed, normal behaving, T cells. T-Guard is not only very effective in killing activated T cells, but also acts through mechanisms that are associated with minimal side effects (via apoptosis). Moreover, due to T-Guard’s short half-life and narrow specificity (leaving immune bystander cells unharmed), patients are rendered less vulnerable to opportunistic infections as compared to currently available treatment options.

Partnering for Progress

Xenikos is continually looking to enlarge its clinical footprint by expanding its research and development program. As well as expanding the extent of clinical trials in size and geographical coverage, it is also planning to further explore the potential of its products in treating other clinical indications, in which, T-cells play a crucial role, such as solid organ rejection and severe autoimmune diseases. Forming partnerships that can help support and advance portions of the clinical research program is a high priority.

In addition, joining forces with organizations and associations and fostering close links with research, industry, healthcare professionals and the medical authorities that shape the healthcare landscape is important to ensure that Xenikos contributes as much as possible to medicine.

“Partnerships help us advance more quickly. Together with others we can strengthen our commitment to making a difference in the lives of patients with serious immune diseases.”

– Ypke van Oosterhout, CEO, Xenikos

Xenikos is interested in discussing strategic collaborations on internal programs or apply its technologies against novel targets with serious potential partners.


Bedrijfsnaam: Xenikos
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Bezoekadres: finance@xenikos.com, 6524 AL, Nijmegen, Nederland
Postadres: Wilhelminasingel 14, 6524 AL, Nijmegen, Nederland
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