We are Cure-Box, we provide answers in your journey to find: MEDICAL ROBOTIC SYSTEMS


How we work

Every known product and concept will be listed in the Cure-Box. Cure-Box verifies and checks all information provided by the manufacturer and classifies it into appropriate categories for medication robotisation. Depending on the desired distribution method, this information is only available to pharma professionals in an organised way. Cure-Box provides a structured overview of what is available in the marketplace. Depending your specific situation, a more in depth analysis of which solution, or combination of solutions, best suits your individual needs may be required. Our partner, GPP Support, can assist you with such analyses.

Our key to succes

Cure-Box is a tool for pharma professionals around Europe, designed to provide a comprehensive and complete overview of what is available in the marketplace. We are one of the few tools specifically designed for this purpose in the pharmacy world; whether you are seeking or offering solutions, Cure-Box can help optimise the pharmaceutical chain by connecting clients and suppliers.


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