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C.I.A.L.E.: Connect, Innovate, Accelerate, Learn and Expand

Stichting Health Valley (HV), stichting ICT for Brain, Body en Behavior (i3B) en Food Valley NL hebben de handen ineengeslagen in het EFRO gesubsidieerde project ‘C.I.A.L.E.’: Connect, Innovate, Accelerate, Learn en Expand. Doelstelling van het project is het tot stand brengen en uitbreiden van samenwerking tussen MKB-ondernemingen, en de stimulering van MKB ondernemingen tot valorisatie op het thema ICT, Hersenen-, Cognitie en gedrag, Voedsel en Gezondheid.  C.I.AL.E. wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door de Europese Unie, operationeel EFFO programma Oost. 


Healthy Lifestyle innovation agenda

The foundations i3B, Health Valley and Food Valley NL joined forces in an ‘EU funded’ project called C.I.A.L.E.: Connect, Innovate, Accelerate, Learn and Expand. The foundations represent together the largest ecosystem of innovative SME companies in the East Netherlands region. The objective of the project is to establish and expand cooperation and innovation amongst SME companies on the ‘cross over’ domain: ICT, Brain, Cognition & Behavior, Food and Health.

The work packages consist of connecting the parties through a joint innovation agenda, setting up R&D collaboration projects, matchmaking for SMEs, an educational program for Entrepreneurship for the i3B SME participants and finally the development and promotion of the networks for economic and social impact for the region.

The purpose of the innovation agenda is to connect SME businesses around the provisional theme, a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ resulting in joint Research and Development projects and innovative ICT based solutions. For the success of the innovation agenda the commitment of relevant stakeholders like the (regional) government, (large) companies and knowledge institutes is essential.

The consortium will consult with i3B participants and other key opinion leaders for their input and intentional support on the Healthy Lifestyle innovation agenda.


Succesvol van start

Tijdens de kick-off bijeenkomst van 6 april 2017 zijn de eerste matches gemaakt  tussen de 300 MKB ondernemers en de healthy lifestyle initiatieven; en dit is pas het begin! 


Health Valley Partners

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