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Strengthening the power of innovation

Health Valley Netherlands is the biggest Life Sciences & Health innovation network in the Netherlands. The network unites companies, care organisations, knowledge institutes and authorities, and enables them to grow stronger together. Whether we’re providing developers with care needs and requirements or delivering innovations to the patient: we bring technology to the care sector, together. Real innovative power develops where the needs of the care sector are integrated into relevant knowledge and expertise, resulting in technological innovations, new medicines or devices, and other methods of working. Through a combination of innovative, market and entrepreneurial strength, our partners give an unmistakable boost to the care sector and also encourage economic growth.

Making the difference in Life Sciences & Health

Care is changing dramatically. More and more attention is being paid to the prevention and promotion of health. Diagnosis and treatment are becoming more and more personalised. Care is becoming increasingly patient centred. All these developments call for innovation in the Life Sciences & Health sector. Keeping care affordable, accessible and high in quality.


As the Netherlands’ largest innovation network in Life Sciences and Health, we have dedicated ourselves to making a difference for more than ten years. We are based in the eastern Netherlands, with locations in Nijmegen and Enschede, but our work reaches across the Netherlands and even beyond its borders through our collaborations with many national and international partners. We are always strengthening our position at both the domestic and global levels.

Doing business in The Netherlands?

Contact our innovation manager Victor Haze for more info.
Phone: +31 6 83999327

Based in The Netherlands?
Innovation network Health Valley Netherlands primarily boosts the innovation capability of companies and care providers based in The Netherlands. If your company is based in The Netherlands and active in the field of Life Sciences & Health, becoming a partner of our network may be beneficial to help you reach your national or international goals.

Exploring to establish your company in The Netherlands?
East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL), member of the Invest in Holland network, offers international companies a ‘soft landing’ in East Netherlands. Services include: organisation of a factfinding trip, search for the best location, connection to service providers and R&D partners, and informing about taxes and incentives, amongst others. The services are confidential and free-of-charge. For more information:, or contact Susan van Boxtel, teammanager Health & Food / +31 6 1841 6745. 

Do you want to realise innovative ideas through a public-private partnership?
Health Valley assists partners to realise innovative projects by bringing together knowledge institutes, companies, and healthcare organisations. For this purpose we are open to cooperating with other cluster organisations in Life Sciences & Health. 

For international companies from outside the European Union
If you are an entrepreneur or company (from outside the European Union) thinking of establishing your business in The Netherlands, please find information and links to facilitator services below.

Startup Facilitator of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

The Netherlands has traditionally been a country that welcomes entrepreneurial spirits. After centuries of enterprise and ingenuity, the combination of innovation, trade, and entrepreneurship remains a driving force within the nation’s economy and is a key source of economic renewal and job creation. As such, it is recognised that entrepreneurs stimulate economic growth. 

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( helps startups and scaleups to grow and to accelerate their business by offering credits, subsidies and guarantee schemes, by providing access to networks and by organising specific events. On this page you will find relevant instruments for every stage of your business.

Are you interested in starting up a company in a competitive environment with a well-qualified workforce? Would you like to experience the high standard of living in the Netherlands? Read more about the advantages the Netherlands offers entrepreneurs.

Since 2015, a new regulation enables ambitious entrepreneurs from non-EU countries to apply for a temporary residence permit for the Netherlands. This gives you one year to launch an innovative business. A precondition is that your startup must be guided by an experienced mentor (facilitator) based in the Netherlands. Health Valley Netherlands is recognised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency as startup facilitator. More info...  

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More support, help and information: (government support for entrepreneurs).


Cluster Management Excellence Label BRONZE – Striving for Cluster Excellence Health Valley Netherlands fulfills the set of “Eligibility Criteria for Cluster Management Excellence Labels” of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) and has participated in a cluster benchmarking process according to the ECEI methodology.
The certificate expires on August 31st, 2023.

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