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Health Valley accelerates innovation in healthcare and care

As the care innovation ecosystem of East Netherlands, we accelerate innovations with the use of technology to help people live healthier lives for longer. We identify healthcare issues and connect them to the business community to accelerate the development, application and upscaling of innovative technological solutions.

The healthcare system is under pressure as a result of the ageing population, increasing care demand, rising costs and staff shortages. We are convinced that the solution to these problems can be found in accelerating innovation and digitalisation in healthcare. Through the smart use of technology, we give patients and residents more control, improve cooperation, communication and information in the sector and at the same time realize cost savings. Moreover, this will create more openings to start focussing on prevention. From curative to effective. From standard to individual care.

Our commitment to this transition dates back to 2006, always putting the interest of the patient and consumer first. We support businesses that come up with new developments to boost health and care. With more than 200 regional, national and international partners, we are building a new ecosystem that creates new ties and partnerships each day. With our cross-sector view we explore possibilities for knowledge sharing, product innovation and market introduction.

We accelerate innovation from our three roles:


Developments in technology have taken off as never before. New concepts and applications are presented continuously both in the academic and business world. Sometimes, however, the implementation of these new options comes to a halt in practice. Stakeholders may not be aware of what other parties have to offer or what may already have been developed elsewhere. We do know and consider this one of our main tasks. With our extensive network and up-to-date knowledge of health developments in the sector, we connect supply and demand. And we do so quickly and accurately. This is our strength. Each partner has access to the entire network to jointly realize accelerations.


We don’t stop at growing our network and facilitating contacts between our partners. Our second role is that of driving force and challenger. We inventory important issues and put them on the agenda - challenges for healthcare in our region and actually the entire world. We are frontrunners in our ambition to set concrete, practical objectives for healthcare and accelerating innovations. We identify promising solutions and offer them a bigger stage. This way, we challenge institutes and companies to step up their efforts each and every day.


The challenges in healthcare go across borders. Solutions that are developed in East Netherlands can also be implemented on a national and international scale. We support businesses to make this happen. We make use of our national and international contacts to identify sales markets and to realize growth. That is our third role. We know where to go in Europe, also in terms of financing and regulations. Talent development is one of our specific focus areas in this respect. We introduce students to actual practice situations and interest graduates in careers in healthcare and with related companies.

The way we operate

In the first place, we are pro-actively working on enhancing our network. We invite relevant parties to join, make their distinctive contribution and benefit from our ecosystem. Founded in a clear and shared vision we support the strengths of all partners in our network. We do so with knowledge, contacts and practical tools to overcome the challenges they face. And finally, we challenge our partners as well as our region to achieve concrete targets. And we use these results to fine-tune our vision and focus. This way we come full circle.

We are an enthusiastic and ambitious group that organizes collaboration. Our involvement continues up to the final result. We mobilize invisible forces, connect thinkers and doers to come up with creative innovative solutions together. We get things done.

The professionals of our team and our board members all have their own expertise, background and network. They work together on a daily basis and with specialists in the field to overcome the major social challenges of our time. And we’re not afraid to experiment or break new ground. We work bottom up and tie in with the main issues in healthcare: the real themes of today.

Join us!

Embedded in the Provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, we reinforce the profile of East Netherlands as leading region in the area of Life Sciences, MedTech & Health. Think east! In our capacity as national network we also create international connections for our partners.

We want to invite you to join our ambitions and become partner. The strength and scope for action the world needs now, lies in the combination of entrepreneurs, care organisations, knowledge institutes and authorities. Only when we collaborate we can realize the necessary technological innovations, new prescription drugs and work methods. In Health Valley you will find like-minded businesses and organisations. Here you can meet people and learn from them but especially work with other ambitious parties on our health and the care of tomorrow.

Connect, Challenge and Grow
with Health Valley Netherlands!

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