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General Terms and Conditions Parternships

Here you will find the general terms and conditions governing partnerships with Stichting Health Valley Netherlands.


Below you will find the general terms and conditions governing partnerships with Stichting Health Valley Netherlands (hereinafter: ‘Health Valley’). Hereinafter, the term, ‘Partner’, refers to any party that enters into a partnership with Health Valley. 


  • The Health Valley partnership is linked to a legal entity or a natural person and is not transferable.
  • Registration for the Health Valley partnership is done through the (Dutch) Partnership Registration Form, available on this website.
  • Partners will be listed on the Health Valley website with their company logo and company profile, including a link to their company website and email address. This information must be provided to Health Valley by the Partner. Health Valley reserves the right to impose additional requirements on the content of the information that the Partner wishes to place on the Health Valley website.
  • Personal data is processed in the execution of Health Valley's activities. The processing of personal data is subject to Health Valley's Privacy and Cookie Statement, which is available on this website.
  • The partnership is entered into for a calendar year. The partnership is automatically renewed for the following calendar year unless the Partner has terminated the partnership no later than one month before the end of the current calendar year. Termination of the partnership with Health Valley is done through the (Dutch) Partnership Termination Form, available on this website
  • Termination takes effect at the end of the calendar year. Health Valley is authorized to terminate the partnership at any time for any reason at the end of the current calendar year.

Partner’s contribution

  • Partners are annually required to pay a partner contribution. This contribution is determined annually by the board of Health Valley.
  • With regard to determining the amount of the partner contribution due for any given year, Health Valley assigns a Partner to one of the categories based on the information it has. If a Partner objects to this classification, they must provide evidence to the satisfaction of the Director of Health Valley demonstrating which other category they belong to.
  • The classification of organizations into size categories corresponds to the definition established by the European Commission (see attachment). The board of Health Valley can change this classification annually, whether or not in response to a change by the European Commission.
  • Partner Contribution 2024 (the mentioned amounts are exclusive of 21% VAT and are annually indexed):
Platinum 250 or more employees € 16,000
Gold 250 or more employees € 5,700
Silver 50 to 249 or more employees € 2,860
Bronze 10 to 49 employees € 1,420
Basic less than 10 employees € 860
Starters   € 260
  • Starting companies will pay the reduced partner contribution from the first registration date at the Chamber of Commerce for a duration of three years. The regular partner contribution applies from the first quarter after the expiration of this period.
  • The invoice for the annual partner contribution is billed in the fourth quarter for the following partnership year or, when entering into the partnership during the calendar year, at another time. The partner is responsible for providing the correct contact details or any changes thereof.
  • The invoice is provided by mail or email and must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date. The Partner is not authorized to suspend payment, offset, or delay payment in any other way. Health Valley reserves the right to adjust the collection method on an annual basis or at other times.
  • Partners who enter into a partnership with Health Valley during a calendar year are obliged to pay the partner contribution in proportion to the number of months they are a member during the year.
  • In case of late payment of the partner contribution, Health Valley can suspend all obligations it has towards the Partner. Furthermore, in case of non-timely payment, without the need for a formal notice or reminder, the Partner is in default, and Health Valley has the right to terminate the partnership immediately.
  • A Partner who enters into a partnership with Health Valley in the course of a calendar year shall be liable for a proportionate part of their partner’s contribution every half year. In this way admission during the period from January to June shall give rise to liability for a partner’s contribution as of 1 January, admission during the period from July to December to liability for a partner’s contribution as of 1 July. An exception applies to start-up businesses: they pay the full, reduced partner’s contribution in the first calendar year.
  • In the event of late payment of a partner’s contribution Health Valley may suspend all of its obligations towards the relevant Partner. Furthermore, in the event that a Partner fails to effect timely payment, they shall be in default without notice of default or a reminder being required and Health Valley shall be entitled to terminate the relevant partnership with immediate effect.
  • Under no circumstances is a Partner entitled to a refund of a paid partner contribution.
  • Health Valley is not liable to the Partner for any breaches in the performance of the agreement by Health Valley or any damages incurred by the Partner related to the partnership, except in cases of intent or gross negligence on the part of Health Valley. Furthermore, Health Valley is not liable for shortcomings by third parties engaged by them, except in cases of intent or gross negligence on the part of Health Valley. If Health Valley were to be liable towards the Partner, the liability, in all cases, is limited to the partner contribution. The Partner indemnifies Health Valley against any claims by third parties related to the execution of the agreement and/or the partnership.


A Health Valley partnership means that a Partner is committed to Health Valley's mission and vision. Partners realize that the network is not only about individual interests, but also about solidarity and collective interests. This means that Partners makes an active contribution, not only in money, but also in time and effort. For example in the form of:

  • participation in organized activities; from
  • exchange of knowledge and experience.

By actively participating in the organized activities, Partners show that networking only yields if participants are willing to invest in the network before being able to harvest.


What are employees according to the European Commission’s definition?

When determining the size of your organisation, you should include the following individuals:

  • employees;
  • persons working for the enterprise being subordinated to it and deemed to be employees under national law;
  • owner-managers;
  • partners engaging in a regular activity in the enterprise and benefiting from financial advantages from the enterprise.

Under Dutch law, employment agency workers do not constitute part of the number of people who work for a business. An employment agency worker is merely put to work with the relevant interim staff hirer but does not enter the employ of the hiring business.

What are annual work units?

A workforce is calculated on the basis of annual work units (AWUs). This means that an employee who is employed on a full-time basis for an entire year is deemed to represent one (1) unit. The work of an employee who has worked part-time or for only part of a year (for example, a seasonal worker) is counted as a fraction of an AWU.