Transistorweg 7R
Novio Tech Campus, gebouw A
6534 AT Nijmegen

Coc: 09165713
MwSt.: NL817496993B01


Dokter Stolteweg 74A
Health Innovation Park, gebouw Newton
8025 AZ Zwolle

Health Valley Locatie Novio Tech Campus Nijmegen

Our team

The professionals in our team and our board members each have their own expertise, background, and network. We work together daily, both within our team and with specialists in the field, to address the major societal challenges of our time. In doing so, we dare to experiment and explore new paths. The board plays an active role and is closely connected to the team and its activities.

Egbert Jan Bögels

Egbert-Jan Bögels

Algemeen directeur


Corine Bohmers 2022

Corine Böhmers



Wil Philipsen 2022

Wil Philipsen



Helma Van Den Hurk

Helma van den Hurk



Casper Smeets

Casper Smeets



Pim Van Der Hoorn

Pim van den Hoorn



Madeleine Peters

Madeleine Peters

Communicatieadviseur & Eventmanager a.i.


Janneke Van Der Linden (1)

Janneke van der Linden

Communicatieadviseur online


Michelle (Mies) Schuurmans

Michelle Schuurmans

Office manager / relatiebeheerder


The Board

Advisor to the Board

    • Mrs. mr. drs. Wendy (E.M.) de Jong, managing director East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL)

Our flexteam

Chris van As (en Caroline Majoie)

Waarnemend office manager(s)


Aryan van de Maat

Business controller


Paula Mali

Paula Mali

Projectmanager Events

Linda Van Schuijlenborgh

Linda van Schuijlenborgh

Health Valley Event


Our offices

At our offices in Nijmegen and Zwolle, we organize events, meetings, and appointments.