Mitochondrial diseases


Khondrion was founded by Prof. Dr. Jan Smeitink, a world-leader in mitochondrial medicine. He has devoted his entire career to the care of mitochondrial disease patients, to better understand the complexity of this disease and his life mission is to develop a treatment for these high impacts, often early fatal group of disorders. Fully operational since 2012 and located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Khondrion primarily focuses on the development of innovative therapies for inherited mitochondrial diseases, including Leigh Disease, MELAS, Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy and other Respiratory Chain / Oxidative Phosphorylation disorders.

Our company's focus is on our own product development programmes. We have extensive experience in mitochondrial medicine, unique quantitative live-cell imaging technologies and in-depth characterised patients-derived cell panels. In this scope, we have developed a portfolio of pre-clinical drug candidates, among them the frontrunner KH176 is currently under clinical evaluation.


Bedrijfsnaam: Khondrion BV
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Specialisatie: Biotechnologie, Farma, Research & Development
Bezoekadres: Philips van Leydenlaan 15, 6525 EX Nijmegen
Postadres: Postbus 9101, 6500 HB Nijmegen
KvK: 9169454



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