Reliable innovation driven technology

Our goal is to develop reliable technology. Creating inspired solutions for our clients with co-creation being key in all projects and processes. It is our believe that the knowledge, enthusiasm and experience of all parties involved is necessary to reach the highest goal. What is this goal? Innovative, pragmatic and reliable solutions for all products and concepts that our clients wish for, sell or produce.

Relitech started in 2000 with consulting in the field of measurement technology. Nowadays, our employees act as an extension of our customers R&D department. Our multidisciplinary team is able to collaborate with different partners and disciplines. Examples being R&D, start-up and established production companies.

Our core values are transparency, trust and integrity. Without those three key elements, it is impossible to have a successful co-creation process. Together we find the best and most inspired solution to the problem at hand, meanwhile keeping short feedback loops. Please contact us to learn more.


Bedrijfsnaam: Relitech
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Specialisatie: ICT, Medical devices, Research & Development
Bezoekadres: Van Siburgstraat 34, 3863 HW, Nijkerk, Nederland
Postadres: Van Siburgstraat 34, 3863 HW, Nijkerk, Nederland
KvK: 39072517


Making the difference by unlocking new value

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