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Specialisatie: Diagnostica, ICT, Research & Development
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Our AITIS AI-Enabled Risk Assessment Solutions enable our customers to improve lives and help save the environment.

Healthcare – Wounds

Our mission is to make leading, explainable and cost-effective wound diagnosis AI technology solutions accessible to everyone.

What makes AITIS different?

  • AI Innovation
    Our cutting-edge AI innovation accelerated by the AITIS platform for model creation with explainable AI and client-deployment.
  • Clinical Trials
    Our AI wound diagnosis models are under clinical trials at hospitals/clinics to obtain medical approvals in various countries.
  • Cost-effective
    We provide scalable, efficient, cost-effective AI solutions and can offer volume- and value-based or other pricing to suit our client needs.



Healthcare – Non-Invasive Glucose

Your assistant to bettering your life

Introducing mymonX, the ultimate health monitoring solution that combines a smart wearable and an app to help you stay on top of your health and well-being. With its innovative AI models, mymonX can determine your glucose measurements non-invasively.

Non-invasive monitoring glucose

Our AI-based non-invasive glucose monitoring (mmol/L) can help people better manage their blood sugar levels. By tracking their glucose levels throughout the day, people can identify trends, and make lifestyle adjustments to their diet and physical activity to aim to keep their levels within a healthy range.

But that's not all: mymonX goes beyond just glocose monitoring

With medical grade or state-of-the-art sensors, mymonX can also monitor your heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, oxygenation (SPo2), breathing rate (Rr), sleep, activity, and more.

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