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The MRI systems market will be growing and will be adopted by several new strategic initiatives, where customers and MRI product creators will be intensively cooperating together. Major applications are in carotid, breast, ex-vivo imaging and MRI intervention.

We are inspired to help radiologists and patients creating new MRI based coil solutions for diseases beyond existing solutions. Companies like Machnet are developing new ideas and clinical applications on mainstream MRI platforms in close co-operation with Academic Hospitals by listening to their needs. There is a strong wish to further create innovative solutions in clinical fields, where the radiologist is requiring new clinical coil innovations beyond the standard offered solutions.

Machnet has a worldwide reputation in carotid imaging and has been able to obtain a position as leader in this niche market. Machnet B.V. was founded in 1992, is based in The Netherlands developing MRI solutions for the global market. It has a strong team of seasoned leaders and specialists in the field of radiology. Machnet listens, designs, develops, produces and distributes Magnetic Resonance Imaging coils and accessories for the global market.

Machnet Medical Robotics

Machnet Medical Robotics is a spin-off that commercializes technology developed at the University of Twente. The company is developing a robot prototype for image-guided needle based interventions. A first application focuses on MRI-guided biopsies to diagnose early stage lesions in breast cancer screening.

MRI Clinical Solutions

Machnet products are divided in two groups. New research clinical solutions developed in close co-operation with end users and secondly niche MRI coil products for Carotid, PET Optimized MRI, Superficial Artery and Larynx.

The Carotid product is a Phased Array Coil designed for bilateral proton imaging of the Carotid Artery and Carotids Bifurcation. The semi-flexible construction allows easy application of the coils around the neck causing minimal patient discomfort. The Carotids Coil allows sub-millimeter resolution of the carotids lumen, vessel walls and atherosclerotic plaques.

A key innovation and new product group is the new version optimizing minimal PET attenuation in MRI-PET scanners. A new product solution has been developed for Larynx syndromes and will be rolled out via Academic Centers in the next years.

Machnet’s product solutions are available for almost all MRI systems. Please contact us for availability for your system (


Together with you, Machnet also develops custom made coils.
Contact us if you are you looking for a Custom made Coil which extend the experimental level. Machnet is also able to convert your idea or prototype to a safe, serviceable and optionally MDD/MDR compliant coil. 

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