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Next-generation robotic platform

Syntric Medical is developing a patented next-generation robotic platform to perform realtime image-guided therapies with high precision and within an integrated patient workflow. The platform is designed for use for a wide range of clinical applications and can be used for both diagnosis and therapies such as prostate biopsies, liver ablations and breast biopsies.

Re-imaging MRI-guided interventions

MRI-guided interventions is a proven method for accurate instrument positioning for biopsies or ablations. Using MRI rather than other image modalities is often prefered because of its high resolution and soft tissue contrast without any ionising radiation.

How come MRI-guided interventions are not more common given the obvious advantages? The main reasons are the limited access to MRI-scans and the cost of each scan. Syntric Medical has developed robotic technology that can significantly increase the diagnostic and therapeutic yield by providing high precision and accuracy. The added clinical value, while simultaneously using less time, makes the technology highly cost-effective.

Clinical need

Needle interventions such as biopsies and ablations are an essential part of the diagnosis and treatment of many types of cancers, including prostate, breast, liver and lungs. Unfortunately, misplacement of the needle position is a major cause of misdiagnosis and recurrences. Syntric Medical is developing a technology so clinicians can accurately position needles and directly verify whether a biopsy or ablation is performed correctly.

A platform technology for real-time image-guided instrument positioning

The patent-pending platform technology is used to accurately position instruments within an MRI-scanner while scanning. Core of the concept it provides a large workspace and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of clinical applications. This makes the system unique, as alternative technologies under development are limited to one specific clinical procedure due to their design.

The advantages of the system are: 

  • Accurate diagnosis and treatment:
    The real-time guidance of the instrument with high-resolution imaging gives the clinician the ability to directly verify the position of the instrument and accurately reposition it. Additionally, thermography can be used to monitor ablation treatment and thereby assess the likelihood of curative treatment.
  • Cost-effective solution: 
    The added clinical value through accurate diagnosis and treatment, combined with efficient use of the MRI-scanner while scanning, makes the solution a cost-effective alternative to the lengthy CT-guided needle interventions. In these CT-guided interventions the needle repositioning is done not directly but sequentially, leading to many costly hours of trial-and-error and exposure to harmful radiation to both clinicians and patient.
  • Integrated in clinical workflow: 
    The system does not require any setup time, converting any MRI scanner to an interventional suite with just a flip of a switch. It is an essential feature for seamless integration in the clinical workflow and optimal use of costly MRI-scanner time. Syntric Medical also believes this will have a profound impact on the clinical workflow, making it a step closer to a one-stop-shop of diagnosis and treatment in a single day.

Synthesis of medical imaging + robotics

The integration of medical imaging and robotics is seen as a holy grail within the field of medical robotics as it allows for advanced AI techniques to be used. This is a precondition to move towards more standardized and advanced interventions with the ultimate goal of improving diagnosis and treatment. Syntrics Medical technology can be used directly within a MRI-scanner and therefore lies on the forefront of robotic interventions.

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