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Only together we can shape the future of food

The international and independent platform Foodvalley NL has been a major driver of the sustainable food system since 2004. Her role has developed over the years. While Foodvalley NL used to offer a stage to innovative agri-food organisations, the organisation is now acting as a catalyst for transition. Why? Because the food system has to change more rapidly if we want to have tasty, affordable, healthy and sustainable food available for 10 billion people by the year 2050. Food that should be produced while respecting the animals and our planet.
Marjolein Brasz, our Managing Director, explains how Foodvalley sets the agenda for this structural change.

“Our task is, throughout and beyond the chain, to bring the right parties together and support and accelerate those innovations that have the most impact. For there is no time to waste. We join hands with companies and organisations that prioritise food system innovations, or that would like to prioritise those. That is why Foodvalley has set up a number of challenging Innovation fields and offers a wide range of Innovation support.

We at Foodvalley know, of course, that you cannot change the food system in a single day. We’re not here to dictate what you should stop doing, but we do challenge organisations to think about alternatives. It’s hard for existing companies to radically change course, but entrepreneurs who set up something new, can surely opt for sustainability. Think about how they can inspire and learn from each other. We are building a counter system this way, and are slowly dismantling the old food system.

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