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Rescude is a research-driven medtech company in the field of respiratory health that is developing a new dry salt therapy device as a potential treatment for long COVID.

A New Approach To Treating Long Covid

Rescude, recently founded in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, aims to develop and sell a new clinically proven, dry-salt therapy device for people who suffer from long COVID and other respiratory illnesses. The technology is based on an existing saline therapy device, Salin Plus. Through the device, patients inhale microscopic dry salt particles that create a hypertonic saline solution (HSS) in the lower respiratory system, which has the potential to assist people suffering from long COVID.

The Australian founders have long been suppliers in the market for devices that deliver microscopic salt particles into the air. With all the focus on COVID patient care, there is also evidence for positive effects of saline particles and hypertonic saline on the daily functioning of patients with long COVID.

Rescude has provided the current device to a small number of people in the Netherlands who suffer from long COVID and asked them to complete the standard Fatigue Severity Scale and Visual Analogue Fatigue Scale. Users were asked to turn on the device near their bed before going to sleep and then turn it off upon waking. These trials are still underway, but preliminary results show a clear trend towards reduced fatigue for most users after using the device for 1 á 2 weeks.

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